We thought we’d have a look at some of the new trends for your wedding in the coming year. It is the start of a new decade after all, so that’s definitely reason to celebrate and begin fresh with lots of new ideas. Bring on plenty of inspiration because when it comes to you wedding day, there’s often no greater time in your life when you look to trends, social media & inspiration from around the globe to help you form what you would like your dream day to look like. Inspiration takes many forms and can come from many different places, it’s sometimes just the starting point you need for an idea of your own to flourish and other times, you might draw more on inspiration than you think you will taking you in all kinds of wonderful new directions you would never imagine up yourself. So let’s dive on in, shall we!?


That’s one of the big questions in 2020 – it’s either big, dramatic cathedral length veils that people cannot possibly miss….or giving the veil a miss altogether and opting for another form of statement head dress. Modern ideas and over the top headbands and even hats are going to be all the rage in 2020!


Everyone is craving more connection these days, so wedding day styling elements that are touchable providing experiences that are tangible, this will be big in 2020… and lots of texture at every turn… like gorgeous wildflower aisles to ground you in place, beautiful fabrics in table linens and stunning setups that frame the happy couple beautifully, unifying them in the moment.


Finding ways to incorporate a love note, the lyrics of ‘your special song’, your initials or wedding date are trends which we’re seeing celebrities latch onto and execute with aplomb…so this is something we’ll definitely see more of in 2020 and we LOVE it!!! You can do it secretly or wear it proudly, it’s your call.


2020 will see ‘sustainable weddings’ become an important factor for many couples and that will see people well and truly ditching the confetti and instead choosing more earth-friendly options for their aisle send-offs. Bubbles are gorgeous (recycle friendly packaging is a must of course), ribbon wands, natural leaves and unusual petals will all be in the mix.

Finding ways to re-use items from your wedding day in clever ways is also a part of the sustainable trend – wonder what you could do with that linen that you love for your bridal table!?


These will each be big in 2020 for gowns, along with statement wedding dresses that are more Victorian in style and tradition, allowing brides to then switch to another dress for their reception. More and more brides will opt for two dresses for their big day or two dresses in one (bridal separates), giving them more ways to express themselves! Another trend that’s being propelled by celebrities. For those that don’t know, the definition of point d’esprit is: a fine bobbinet with scattered woven dots, usually a type of tulle or lace, very pretty, delicate and vintage. The bigger the dots the better in 2020.


Gorgeous wild flowers are big in 2020 as are details that possess lots of thought behind them and less over-the-top-ness! There will be a slight move to wildflowers and grasses which offers a less structured approach to floral display and is perfect for weddings here on gorgeous Tamborine Mountain where the landscape does so much of the talking.

This is just a little snapshot of some of the most beautiful ideas that are coming to Weddings in 2020! Stunning right? We know that our suppliers will be itching to utilise some of this dreamy inspiration and we hope this has opened your eyes to the abundance of options available to you.